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Royal Stacks Launch Party Melbourne

As the sun slowly descends upon the city of Melbourne I make my way towards the Royal Stacks launch party at 470 Collins Street with the promise of delicious desserts burgers and drinks.There is a familiar buzz in the air and my stomach starts to spin with anticipation of what it’s about to receive.Will I finally stumble across the holy grail of burger excellence we will have to find out.

So what is “Royal Stacks” and why should you care? “Royal Stacks” is a new creation by Dani Zeini inspired by the American esk burger bars of the States with a twist.They will be using locally sourced produce, the beef used is GMO free with no hormones and antibiotics the buns provided will be baked daily and free from additives.

Royal Stacks will host some of the latest state of the art eatery interiors, on top of that a frozen custard machine!

There will be more venues opening across Melbourne in the future, hopefully one near you.

When I Entered I was greeted by the kind staff and was soon left to survey the venue.I found the modern aesthetic fit well with its other Collins Street brethren,for those that enjoy the hustle and bustle of the nightlife you’ll be right at home.The music was pumping with a live DJ spinning the vinyl for our enjoyment.

BURGERS! Now this is where the money’s at, Royal Stack has numerous menu choices and also vegetarian. The ingredients varied from burger to burger each with their signature pasture fed beef and a gorgeous tasting sauce’s there is currently eight different burgers.

The single stack was gobbled down and what I discovered was the special sauce was nicely placed with not too much nor too little,it’s not a heavy greasy burger and the bun wasn’t too sweet the beef was superb.

Desserts!Sourced from local Ice Cream & Gelato  maker “Seven Apples” the bill of fare for me consisted of American Style Vanilla Frozen Custard which was soo soo creamy.

There were many drinks on hand for the thirsty horde from wine champagne ciders and beer, we all needed a little refreshment coming in from a 40 degree day.

I’m a firm believer about knowing where my food comes from,that and specially knowing there was love in the creation of my meal,that being said Dani has definitely ticked those boxes for me.

So if you enjoy Dani Zeini’s Collins Street venture then it would be a crime not to visit his other operations which have also yielded success some of which I have linked at the bottom of the page

So as the night finally draws to the end and my taste buds have been told the party’s over ,I am left with one thought, what will be Dani’s next big idea for the Melbournite food scene.So if you want to check it out and get a rockin burger, Royal Stacks will be opening its doors to the public January the 18th.