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With American-style burgers and a frozen custard machine.

If we had to come up with a shortlist of sentences that we don’t think we’ll ever get tired of writing, “Melbourne is getting a brand new burger joint,” would definitely be close to the top. Which is lucky, because frankly, it’s something we have to write a lot. Case in point: restaurateur Dani Zeini is about to fire up the grill at Royal Stacks, an American-style fast food eatery with locations in Brunswick and the CBD. It’s the latter that throws open its doors today at 470 Collins Street, near the southern end of the city.

With a resume that includes Dandenong Pavilion, Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Easey’s and Truck Stop Deluxe, it’s safe to say that when it comes to hamburgers, Zeini is no slouch. At Royal Stacks he’s pledged to use high quality Australian ingredients, including beef free from GMO, hormones and antibiotics. “Fast food is a bit of a guilty pleasure for the occasional treat day,” says Zeini. “At Royal Stacks we’re taking that guilt away.”

Which is not to say that Royal Stacks will be serving health food. Burgers and fries aside, there dessert options areinsane. Customers can expect stacks of waffles and doughnuts, as well as an honest-to-God frozen custard machine. Ice cream will be provided by St Kilda’s Seven Apples Gelato, while on the beverage front they’ll offer shakes as well as local beers and wines.

The first Royal Stacks will open at 470 Collins Street, Melbourne at 11.30am on Monday, January 18. This will be followed by a second store on Sydney Road, Brunswick sometime in February or March. For more information, visit their Facebook page.