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Royal Stacks - burgers - melbourne CBD & Brunswick

Royal Stacks opened up its first burger restaurant in the CBD and it wasn't long before our second store opened up in Brunswick. Our burgers have been carefully thought out and all of our ingredients work together in harmony to create a very satisfying burger experience. 

"Definitely one of the best burgers in Melbourne I've ever tasted! I ordered The King which has a mac n cheese croquette being one of its stack...and you guessed it; AMAZING!"

Our beef is sourced from Ross Laconis of VIC Meats, and is 100% Australian, pasture fed, GMO free with NO HORMONES or ANTIBIOTICS and minced fresh daily. Our Menu also contains freshly churned frozen custard on sight made by local Gelati expert Mark Marioti of 7 Apples.

"These are the best burgers I've ever had, shakes were good, service was excellent and the workers were very friendly. Ordered a single stack for $8.9, a cheap eat in the Melbourne CBD with a 5 star quality rating."

Given Melbourne’s affinity for burgers, if you are looking for places to eat in Melbourne, it’s safe to say that Royal Stacks is a crowd favourite.

"One of the best burger restaurants I have been too. Excellent double stack burger, the meat was great and the flavour was perfect. Definitely one of the top places to eat in Melbourne CBD!"

Royal Stacks is a family restaurant dedicated to doing our best to provide customer satisfaction!